Meeting Oct. 26, 2010

  1. Joe Isgro, AFD
  2. Matt Montesano, APD
  3. Lt. Michael Tremblay, APD
  4. Ofc. Kenneth Sesock, APD
  5. Douglas Brown
  6. Onicela Cedeno, CDTA
  7. Ross Farrell, CDTA
  8. Cynthia Appiah
  9. Sean Shortell
  10. Rev. Sebastian Huemer, Unification Church
  11. Mark Beaudoin
  12. Marie Beaudoin
  13. Noriko Chaumont
  14. George Peters
  15. Kathleen Bronson, Albany Planning and Development
  16. Benna Elderidge, Trinity
  17. Willie White
  18. JoAnn Morton

Presentation from Albany Fire Department was postponed because Chief Nerney was unavailable due to the fire at the Storage Facility. A new date will be scheduled for the presentation.

Lt. Tremblay gave an overview on the Neighborhood Engagement Unit Community Policing. The Community Policing model to be implemented in early December with beat officers on the ground, they will be trained to address the normal policing issues but more importantly issues that affect residents quality of life. The officers will have the ability to develop solutions to problems, this may be achievd by bringing in other types of services.

Sean Shortell, encouraged residents to get out to vote and to volunteer over the weekend to pass out literature about polling locations.

Ross and Oni. Discussed CDTA's effort to get public input regarding bus services: CDTA has representatives attending neighborhood meetings, CDTA will have interns mark where riders are getting on and off the bus. Scheduled a series of priortiy meetings to get a general sense of service improvements. Collecting information from surveys that are conducted on the bus. City wide meetings where resident and riders are invited to participate in workshops. A website will be setup for callins with meetings planned for January or February.

The bus route plan will be finalized by the end of the year. A new schedule and infrastructure will be established with the actual rollout to occur in August 2011 in the city.

Route restructuring is normally based on the number of increased riders. Three scenarios are being developed: 1) A plan for an increase in service, 2) A plan for no increase in service and 3) A plan with continued cuts in budget.

The meeting attendees provided feedback regarding their priority for route changes.

November meeting agenda: Neighborhood Watch