South End Neighborhood Association Meeting

South End Neighborhood Association Meeting
Tuesday, January 26, 2016

6pm – 8pm 

  John A. Howe Library,

105 Schuyler Street, Albany NY 12202


Opening and announcements (6-6:20)

Soul Fire Farm  informational presentation (6:20)
"Soul Fire Farm Share, fresh vegetables from your farmer to your doorstep.  Receive weekly delivery of fresh, chemical-free vegetables from our farm through our Farm Share program.  
The Farm Share program runs for 20 weeks, mid-June thru early November.

6:45 - 7:15
Ron Lesko,Director of Communications
City School District of Albany
 Information regarding the Feb. 9 Albany High School vote and answer questions about the scaled-back renovation and construction proposal for the high school.  See informational flyer about the $179.9 million proposal, as well as a second flyer with dates of community forums and school tours in advance of the vote. Your help in sharing this information as widely as possible throughout our city would be greatly appreciated.

This information and more also is available in the Rebuilding Albany High School section of our district website.

Please note that voting locations on Feb. 9 will be the same as for the annual school budget vote in May, not for the general election. So voting locations may be different for some in February than they were in November. A searchable directory is included with the materials and information available in the Rebuilding Albany High School section. Absentee ballot applications also are available there.

Barbara L. Nelson, RA AIA Executive Director TAP Inc.