Minutes - December 22, 2009

SENA Meeting - December 22, 2009

SENA held its monthly meeting at the Crenshaw Memorial Center located at 7 Morton Avenue. The meeting was called to order by the JoAnn, SENA President. The Honorable Carolyn McLaughlin, President of Albany Common Council, and Katie Bronson, Senior Planner for the City of Albany Department of Development and Planning discussed the Comprehensive Plan and the meeting that is scheduled for Jan. 27, 28, and 29th, for more details visit www.Albany2030.net. Residents were encouraged to participate in the upcoming meetings and to share their opinions and concerns regarding their expectations and desires for the city of Albany in twenty years. Katie stated the meetings are being scheduled for different times each day to encourage more residents to participate. It cannot be emphasized enough the importance of residents input during these sessions so the residents vision can be included in the Comprehensive plan for 2030.

A community meeting for selecting Albany Police Chief will be held in January 2010. Application will be accepted starting in January and ending on February 15, 2010.

Officer Matt of Albany Police Department reported that Community Policing is working in this area as there are two Beat Cops currently working. The Citizens Police Academy will be held in February, more information will be available in January. Officer Montesano is working on a Defensive Driving class that can be offered to citizens for a minimal fee.

Residents were reminded that the Census Questionnaire will be arriving in the mail on April 1, and that it is critical for the City of Albany that everyone complete and return the form. Having an accurate count of all people in each household will impact the city because money received into the city for programs like the Community Development Block Grant, RESTORE, Road Improvement are based on population which is determined based on the Census counts.

Trinity Institute is doing a Transportation Survey and is looking for input from residents especially those residents who use public transportation.

The John Finn Institute was conducting a survey of the Police Department.

Kevin Grinwis, of Albany Housing Authority reported on the South End Revitalization efforts. Zoning Board has approved and the lots have been consolidated for new construction on Morton Avenue. It is expected that construction will start in March 2010, the houses will be managed by Albany Housing Authority. There will be no housing vouchers and the charge will be the max allowable rate.
The Capital District Workforce Development Building Bridges program will use CDBG funds to train residents who are interested in Construction. The training program will teach soft skills for a couple of weeks and then will have participants do actual work on the job.

Alan Lanier represented the Albany Fire Dept., he will follow-up on question regarding a fire on Broad and Fourth Third Avenue.

Katie has coordinated with Jerry Spicer to discuss Block by Block for Zone 3 at SENA’s January meeting. Residents were encouraged to identify areas that they feel need to be looked at during the Block by Block Zone 3 initiative. Some issues that residents identified during the meeting for Block by Block for Zone 3 to address are:

Water problems on lower Alexander Street
Repaving the entire Alexander Street
Lights out, residents were asked to get the pole number so it could be properly reported
Pole #9 and #10 lights out
A wire, not sure if it is electrical, cable or phone, is hanging within reach in front of 79 Alexander.

The meeting was adjourned. Next meeting scheduled for January, 2010 at 6pm.