Homeowner Rehabilitation Program (HARP)


HARP Grant Program

Let Us Help You With Your Repairs!!

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* Must own and reside in your own home located within the South End of Albany. For this grant, the boundaries are Madison Ave to the North, Trinity Place to the East, the City line to the South, and Delaware Ave to the West.
* Must meet the following HUD income guidelines. This number represents 40-60% of area median income:

# 1 Person Household: $29,640
# 2 Person Household: $33,900
# 3 Person Household: $38,100
# 4 Person Household: $42,360
# 5 Person Household: $45,720
# 6 Person Household: $49,140

* Participants will be required to complete one of the workshops offered by the Affordable Housing Partnership (AHP). Two options are “Maintaining Your Home” and “How to Hire a Contractor.”

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