South End Family Earth Day

Saturday, April 28, 2012

12:00 Noon – Kickoff at 61 Elizabeth Street Park

12:30 – Work on lot projects

3 – Walk around clean-up

4 – Community Dinner

5 – Music

Projects for the Day

1. Youth Organics Garden, 3rd and Hawk: Plant more trees, install shade awning, prepare new growing beds, and prepare existing beds for planting.

2. Capital District Permaculture Guild Gardens on Catherine Street at Eagle Street. Pending soil tests, we will begin planting in remediated soil and neighbors will be encouraged to select vegetables and tend to the garden. The native perennials will be weeded and mulched, and new perennials planted. One the grassy section, neighborhood children will be given the materials to make art with an Earth Day theme, and at the end of the day their art will be installed at the site.

3. Catherine Street slope and Eagle Stairs: The slope below the Permaculture Garden down toward Osborn Street is overgrown and full of trash. A major cleanup will be started before Earth Day, but work will continue on the day with trash pickup, raking and tree pruning. The Eagle Stairs, which connect Catherine Street to Osborn, Delaware and Alexander streets, are also overgrown and littered. We will plant flowers at strategic locations.

4. Our Childrens Garden, 43 Catherine Street. The raised beds need to be emptied, leveled, the bottoms protected from rodents and then refilled with soil and compost. The rear fence needs repairs. A tool shed will be constructed on the left rear corner. The raised bed project will proceed one or two at a time, starting before Earth Day and continuing until done.

5. African American Cultural Park, 155 Fourth Ave. A new landscaping scheme for this lot will require new flowerbeds and other landscaping. The fence on the east side need repair and a gate will be built.

6. South End Welcome, Green Street triangle. This site opposite the entrance to the Port of Albany will get more landscaping and flowers.

7. Lower Morton bus stop and garden, opposite Union Missionary Baptist Church. Landscaping, install a bench.

8. Rainbow Playground, Clinton and Alexander. General cleanup and continue painting the timbers. Repair the swings and put up the sign.

9. Giffen Elementary School yard, South Pearl at Morton Avenue. Dig and plant a new flowerbed along the low front wall.

10. 35, 37 and 39 Osborn Street, cleanup and community service space.