Mayor Gerald D. Jennings & Commissioner D’Antonio Announce:
Single Stream Recycling

The city of Albany has announced it has converted to a single stream-recycling program. Single Stream means residents, who participate in the city’s waste collection and recycling program, no longer need to sort their recyclables.

All recyclables including glass, metal, aluminum containers, #1-7 plastic containers, paper, and cardboard can be placed in one recycling bin.
Whether it is a blue or green bin residents can place their recyclables loosely in either bin.

“This initiative is a positive investment in our City’s future and will have a strong impact on both the economy and the environment,” said Mayor Gerald D. Jennings.

Commissioner Nick D’Antonio said, “ It is our hope that single stream recycling will increase participation once residents see how truly easy it is to recycle. “It’s recycling made easy”.

If a resident does not have a bin, bins are available, free of charge, at the following location:

Dept. of General Services, 1 Conners Blvd.

And for a limited time only:

200 Henry Johnson Blvd.
Dept. of Recreation, 7 Hoffman Ave.
Bleecker Stadium, Clinton Ave.

*Proof of residency required

Please click on the links below for more information regarding this exciting new program.

Single Stream Recycling Flyer

City of Albany Waste Collection and Recycling Program

Please refer any questions the Department of General Services at (518) 434-2489 (CITY)